CS for IMGs Book

There are few CS books available commercially, and they lack one or more CS components. Additionally, none were written by a past examinee, and they do not address the needs of IMGs. The CS for IMGs was created to address the entire exam and the needs of IMGS

CS for IMGs Book

CS for IMGs comprehensively addresses the three CS components (SEP, CIS and ICE). For ICE, it tailors the medical history, physical exam and patient note to fill the CS requirements perfectly. CS for IMGs has succeeded in creating a strong foundation which introduces cases in systemic chapters and outlines a road map that works for nearly all CS cases. The audiovisuals, which are available at www.csschool.org, will assist you in working with the CS book. The CS SCHOOL for IMGs is proud to be your single CS source, and aims to assist you in passing the CS exam on the 1st attempt.

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