CS Series for IMGs Videos

CS Series for IMGs Videos

Although the CS exam is interactive and needs hands-on training and live demonstrations, there are no realistic self-study online courses available. Our series is the first up-to-date practical, comprehensive, and affordable online resource which covers most of the components of the CS exam.

The IMGs videos begin with background information including a general description of the CS exam, effective strategies for long-term CS preparation, and best practices for preparing for CS cases.

After watching the videos, you will notice how well the medical history and physical exam sections were tailored to fit the patient encounter and patient note (PN) requirement and time limits.

The Series will teach you the fundamentals of Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS), the requirements needed to pass the CIS component from the beginning to the end of the patient encounter

A- A- Introduction

A brief description for CS exam and the best strategy for the exam preparation.

A- Basics, ICE, History

CS SCHOOL will teach you how to tailor the medical history to satisfy CS requirements and time limitation.

B- Basics, ICE, Physical Exam

Those videos give a realistic approach to perform the physical exam within the allocated time in the CS exam.

C- Basics, ICE, Patient Note

These videos were prepared to help the candidate to understand more about PN.

D- Basics, CIS

These are the first CIS video series that illustrate and demonstrate the CIS required for CS exam.

E- Systemic Chapters

The CS SCHOOL has introduced a scoring system and checklists for the 3 components of the CS.

F- Chest

It provides a work up that can be typed and ordered on the PN in the majority of cases.

G- Abdomen

We will prepare you to study and practice different abdomen cases. Tips are given to score high in CS exam

H- Gynecology

These videos provide a set of questions that should be asked in almost all OB/Gyne cases

I- Pediatrics

The videos provide a set of questions that should be asked in almost all pediatric cases.

J- Musculoskeletal system

This lecture will thoroughly prepare you to study and practice different musculoskeletal cases.

K- Psychiatry

This chapter introduces a quick review of the basic psychiatry for CS exam.

L- Neurology

This chapter provides a set of questions that should be asked in almost all neurology cases.

M- Miscellaneous

This chapter collects unclassified cases.

N- Mini Cases

Mini cases refers to cases that have a short history, few questions for analysis, and a short physical exam.