IMGs Audio

IMGs Audio

Audio tasks are known as one of the most effective methods of learning. This audio series is designed for easy storage on smart phones. It will be accessible wherever you are. Additionally, it works well for a quick review close to the exam date. The audio contains the core of the CS for IMGs series −questions to SPs, scenarios in doing the physical exam, the differentials and others.

A- ICE.mp3

B- CIS.mp3

C- Chest.mp3

D- Abdomen 1.mp3

D- Abdomen 2.mp3

E- Gynecology .mp3

F- Pediatrics 2.mp3

F- Pediatrics1.mp3

G- Musculoskeletal.mp3

H- Psychiatry.mp3

I- Neurology 1.mp3

I- Neurology 2.mp3

J-Miscellaneous 1.mp3

J-Miscellaneous 2.mp3

K- Mini cases.mp3